Water Supply Department

i)  Water Line Connection.
ii)  Ferule Cleaning.
iii)  Ferule Transfer.
iv)  Pipeline Repair / Cleaning.
v)  Ferule Cleaning of Road's Tapcal.
vi)  Water Supply in Water Tank.
 1) Important Information About Water Supply Department
  a) Amount of Everyday Water Supply. : 48,07,471 Ltr or 12,70,000 Gallon.
  b)% of Water Consume of total water supply : 80%.
  c)Total No of Road Tapcal. : 515.
  d)Total No of House Coection. : 4923.
  e)Water Source. : Water Surface.
  f)Total No of Factory Connection. : 10.
 2) Service Time Name Of Responsible
  a) New Water Connection Application Form. 7 Days. Sri Avijit Malaker
Land : 03228-267370
Mob : 9732514469
  b) New House Connection Application Approval. 10 Days. Sri Samir Khatua
  c)New House Connection Quation Approval. 7 Days. Sri SSuvendu Sekhar Jana
MOb : 973255476
  d) New House Connection. 15 Days After Submission of Quation Fees.
  e) Ferule Cleaning. 15 Days After Submission of Fees.
  f) Ferule Transfer. 14 Days After Submission of Fees.
  g) Ferule Cleaning Of Road Tapcal. 7 Days .
  h) Ferule Cleaning Of Road Tapcal. 7 Days .
  i) Water Supply Pipeline Whole Repairing. 3 Days .
  j) On Demand Water Supply in Water Tank By Public. 3 Days .
 3) Necessary Requirements From Cityzen .
  a) Application In Proper Format.
  b) Propitership of proper Holding.
  c)Xerox Copy of Holding Tax Submission Proof.
  d)Permission of Ward Councillor.
  e)Submission of proper fee at proper time.
 4) Contact Person For Complaint Registration.
  a)First contact with Sri Avijit Malakar, S.A.E Land : 03228 - 267370 Ext: 36 at 10 AM to 4 PM.
  b)If you do not get result in first attempt, contact with Municipality Executive Officer. Land : 03228 267370 , Ext: 29
  c) In absence of executive officer contact with corosponding responsible councillor. Phone : 267370.