Mission and Vission


The citizens of Tamluk municipality heartily desire to see their city as an attractive tourist spot highlighting its historical background within the next 5 to 20 years, providing employment and engagement of many unemployed youths. We want our municipality to be an economically self sufficient, environmentally clean and green urban area having metal concrete road with sufficient streetlights where our citizens will have healthy surroundings, sufficient quantity of wholesome water, good drainage and sanitary system and also sufficient health care facilities, education as well as the cultural / sports facilities.

The vision of Tamluk municipality is to bring about and sustain on all out development of its existing areas and also likely to be adjoined in relation to the socio economic and cultural upliftment of its citizens and enhancement of facilities and amenities of life. The vision envisages development particularly in the following areas: -

  • Establishment of a water treatment Plant and supply of treated water to whole municipal area by using water of the nearby river.
  • Implementation of sewerage, area, drainage and their proper treatment .
  • Implementation of sewerage, area, drainage and their proper treatment .
  • Improvement of the transport system, roads and bridges within the town including traffic management
  • Creation, management and maintenance of a wealthy and beautiful environment free from all kinds of pollution and also improvement and maintenance of bio diversity flora and fauna and green coverage
  • Implementation of Solid waste Management system
  • Maintenance and enhancement of its rich and historic cultural heritage
  • Implementation and improvement of the infrastructure of the educational institutions and building up further scopes for both general and technical education in the light of the rapid progress in science and technology by the municipality
  • Development and encouragement of cultural activities, sports and entertainment
  • Building up and improvement of health care and sanitation facilities
  • Support to local and business industries and development of marketing
  • Improvement of the infrastructure of slums and social welfare homes
  • Poverty alleviation and livelihood development
  • Management of municipal land and properties
  • Improvement of organization and management structure within the municipal office
  • Schemes for generating income by the municipality itself