Death Birth Registration

 1) Important Information About Death Birth Registrations
  a) Certificate for newly born baby. : One day after getting birth certificate from Nursing Home or Hospital .
  b)Certificate for the child of age greater than 1 yr : One Days
  c)Duplicate Copy of Birth Certificate. : One Day.
  d)Issuing Death Certificate After One Year. : One Day .
  e)Duplicate Copy of Death Certificate. : One Day.
 2) Necessary Requirements From Cityzen .
  a) Application In Proper Format.
  b) Xerox copy of Death/Birth certificate from Registered Doctors.
  cs)Submission of proper fee at proper time.
 3) Contact Person For Complaint Registration.
  a)First contact with Sri Jayanta Pramanik.
  b)If you do not get result in first attempt, contact with Municipality Executive Officer. Land : 03228 267370 , Ext: 29
  c) In absence of executive officer contact with Chairperson of Tamluk Municipality. Phone : 267370.