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newContractual Engagement In Various Post In NULM
Contractual Engagement In Various Post In NULM..

newPermanent Engagement for the Post of Majdoor
Permanent Engagement for the Post of Majdoor..

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Few Historical Meeting

Sl No. Title Date Description
1 First Municipality Meeting 20.01.1887 Prsided by Sri Ramakshay Chaterjee
2 First Meeting On Municipaliti's Own Office 11.08.1880
3 Public Latrin Construction 02.06.1882
4 Trenching Ground Construction 13.03.1896
5 Muslim Kabar Construction 06.04.1896
6 Silver Casket Momento To State Governor 08.03.1897
7 Model By Law For Cityzens 07.02.1898
8 Khristian Kabar Construction 25.06.1915
9 First General Election Of Municipality 08.03.1933
10 Sapath Grahan For First Elected Municipality Board 06.06.1933
11 Approval Of Baikuntha Sorobar Swimming Pool 11.06.1937
12 Nagarik Sambardhana To Subhas Chandra Bose 04.04.1938
13 Mahendranath Maity Street 08.06.1940
14 Expansion Of Municipality Area Proposal 03.08.1942
15 Proposal For Starting Steamer Service 24.08.1942

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Mahendra Smiriti Sadan is a indoor auditorium of this municipality.

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Our Location Map

Tamluk , the headquarters of the District Purba Medinipur is situated on the banks of the Rupnarayan river .

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