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newContractual Engagement In Various Post In NULM
Contractual Engagement In Various Post In NULM..

newPermanent Engagement for the Post of Majdoor
Permanent Engagement for the Post of Majdoor..

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Licence Department

 1) Service Time Name Of Responsible
  a) Issuing New Trade Licence . 10 Days. Sri Saktipada Sinha
Land : 03228-267370 EXT:29
  b) Trade Licence Renewal
7 Days. Sri Shadeb Jana
  b) Issuing New Professional Licence
10 Days. Sri Sanatan Jana
  b) Issuing Rickshaw Licence
5 Days.  
  d) Issuing Van Licence
3 Days.  
  e) Issuing Driving Licence For Rickshaw
5 Days.  
  f) Renewal of Driving Licence For Rickshaw
2 Days.  
  g) Issuing Licence For Hawkers
2 Days.  
  h) Renewal of Licence For Hawkers
2 Days.  
  i) Tax For Advertisement
10 Days.  
  j) Renewal of Tax For Advertisement
2 Days.  
 2) Necessary Requirements From Cityzen .
  a) Application in proper format.
  b) Submission of Bill for rented house.
  c) Proof of Holding Tax submission bill.
  d) No objection certificate from house lord.
  e) Copy of the previous years balansheet.
  f) Copy of the previous years licence fee submission bill.
  g) Recomendation of ward councillor.
  h) Submission of fees recomended by Board of Councill.
  i) Previous Years Driving Licence.
 3) Contact Person For Complaint Registration.
  a)First contact with the above mentioned persons.
  b)If you do not get result in first attempt, contact with Municipality Executive Officer. Land : 03228 267370 , Ext: 29
  c) In absence of executive officer contact with The Municipality Chairperson. Phone : 267370.

Photo Gallery

Mahendra Smiriti Sadan is a indoor auditorium of this municipality.

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Our Location Map

Tamluk , the headquarters of the District Purba Medinipur is situated on the banks of the Rupnarayan river .

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